Sliding Fire Doors

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Sliding Fire Doors

Always Open to Maximum Security.

Inkema sliding fire doors are located on one or both sides of the opening depending on whether they are telescopic or counterpoised. This is a very useful solution for both small and large gaps

Inkema sliding fire doors comprise one or more leafs, each of which is made in two sheets of pre-lacquered steel (0.6/0.8 mm thick) to form panels 1150 mm wide. Inside, they have a cavity containing a combination of insulating materials to block flames and smoke, such as high density rock wool, silica fibre...

The leaf has a U-shaped metal profile around the perimeter enclosing it.

Sliding fire door 2 leafsSliding fire door 1 leaf

The sliding fire doors are hung from an upper guide for straight movement on carriages with protected rollers, guided at the bottom by a system of bearings hidden on the opposite side to the enclosure

The sliding fire doors may be manually or automatically operated.

Sliding fire door manualSliding fire door automatic
PDF  INKEMA Fire Doors Catalogue

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