Industrial Doors

Safe, modular and adaptable.

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Industrial Doors

Safe, modular and adaptable.

After years of work with our customers from all the industrial sectors, we are capable of adapting continuously our range of solutions aimed at the needs and requirements of our customers. 

That is the reason why the correct election of the model and the version of an industrial door is crucial, as the correct product can optimize the logistic processes and cut costs. In Inkema we have a wide range of industrial doors, developed according to each customer’s needs. 

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Inkema’s Industrial Doors are an essential element for any installation, due to its maximum structural resistance and lightness.

The Inkema Industrial Doors provide thermal and acoustic insulation. They are specially designed for its use in warehouses, logistic centres and any type of installation.

In Inkema we have a wide range of industrial doors with a huge variety of finishing and accessories according to the needs of each customer: sectional doors, folding doors, sliding doors and large dimension doors.

Industrial Sectional Doors Industrial Folding Doors Industrial Sliding Doors Commercial Industrial Doors Industrial Large Dimension Doors

PDF  INKEMA Industrial Doors Catalogue

Sectional Doors | Inkema

Sectional Doors

Folding Doors | Inkema

Folding Doors

Sliding Doors | Inkema

Sliding Doors

Large Dimension Doors | Inkema

Large Dimension Doors

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