Scissor Lift Tables

For Every Loading and Elevation Requirement.

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Scissor Lift Tables

For Every Loading and Elevation Requirement.

Inkema Scissor Lift Tables cover the different logistics needs in most sectors: food, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, industrial, textile, etc. Just by looking at the Inkema Scissor Lift Tables you can tell it has everything you need: safety, funcitonality and efficacy.

Single Scissor Lift TableDouble Scissor Lift TableDual SR Scissor Lift Table

The Inkema Scissor Lift Tables is comprised of a base on which the hydraulic equipment and articulated scissor mechanism rest. In turn, the top or working part of the table is articulated on those scissors. All designed and manufactured in accordance with European Community directives and in accordance with the above standard.

Single, double, extra-flat Scissor lifts… Thanks to its broad experience, our R&D+i Department specialises in designing any table, no matter what its size, weight or functionality.

All models of Inkema lift tables offer various options that allow your customers to choose the table that best suits their needs and requirements.

Types of Scissor Lift Tables

Inkema’s lift tables are of high quality and equipped with all necessary safety devices. The Inkema hydraulic tables are CE marked and manufactured according to European regulations and directives.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift TablesSingle Scissor Lift TablesDouble Scissor Lift TablesDual SR Scissor Lift Tables

Inkema divides its range of scissor lifts into three:

PDF  INKEMA Scissor Lifts Catalogue


INKEMA Scissor Lift Tables Range

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