Galvanized lift table

Mesa Galvanizada Inkema

Inkema has its own Department I + D + i. This department is able to satisfy any special need or requirement.

An example are Inkemas’ lifting tables, which are used to vertically move any type of load. Our double scissor achieves to access even very high loading points.


To accomplish that the lift table gives an optimal and safer outcome there are several options, for example: 

  • Hot dip galvanization: the best solution for uses in corrosive environments as it increases the life time of the hydraulic lift table.
  • Double leaf gates with self-closing system: a perfect system to significantly expand the safety of the lifting table.
  • Segmented lips: the most effective accessory to attach the lift table to the loading dock or to the vehicles.

For more information, please see the section of our web lift tables.

The image shows an Inkema hydraulic lift table with double scissors, galvanized, with double leaf gates and segmented lips.


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