Inkema New Large Dimensions Doors Range

Puerta Gran Dimension Inkema

After several years working with clients of almost all industrial sectors, at Inkema we are able to constantly adapt our solutions range to suit our customers’ needs and requirements.

Hence, the election of the suitable model and version of industrial door is critical to optimize the logistic processes reducing costs to a minimum.

Inkema large dimensions doors have been developed to satisfy our customers’ specific needs, such as closing large open surfaces.

Possibilities of size for the doors’ leaves are almost unlimited. These doors are most likely going to be exposed to humidity, dust or strong winds, always performing in compliance to the harmonized European standards.

At Inkema we supply 3 kinds of large dimensions doors: folding, fully glazed and sliding.

- Folding doors are composed by a set of reliable and low maintenance folding panels, suitable for the closure of great areas.

- Fully glazed doors with inferior guide are suitable for large clearance areas, providing a bright and full of light working area.

- Sliding doors with one or more leaves allow for the closure of large apertures. Their strength and top functionality are their main features.

These kind of doors are suitable for heavy mechanical industries, energy plants, shipyards, large materials warehouses, bridge cranes, hangars for aircrafts and any other industrial sector requiring large closures in their premises.

For further information on Large Dimensions Doors, please don’t hesitate to contact us at export@inkema.com. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will find the best solution to suit your needs.


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