Inkema presents the New Cold Storage Loading Point

Punto Frio Con Pasarela Inkema

The Inkema Cold Storage Loading Point is a complete system specially designed for warehouses/installations where a high thermal insulation is required.

It is composed of a bench with isolated tunnel, a vertical hydraulic loading bridge, a folding door, bumpers with steel protection, frontal insulation made of high density foam and an inflatable dock shelter.

The main 4 characteristics of Inkema Cold Storage Loading Point are:

- EXCELLENT THERMAL LEAK-PROOF: This achieved with a metallic structure to stop thermal leaking and a complete thermal enclosure.

- SOLUTION MADE TO FIT: It will easy the loading and offloading process in a cold storage facility.

- ADAPTABLE TO ANY KIND OF INSTALLATION: No need for civil works. It will be mounted on the outside of the warehouse/installation without modifying the external walls.

- MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY OF SPACE: We´ll have more stacking space available on the inside of the warehouse/installation as this system is mounted completely on the outside.  

The Inkema Cold Storage operation is very simple. First the truck docks creating a perfect thermal block with the inflatable dock shelter. Once the truck is blocked and sealed with the dock shelter the truck doors maybe opened. To finalize. Once the truck doors are completely opened, the hydraulic loading bride is activated to proceed with the loading or offloading process.

For more information visit our special Cold Storage Loading Point video on Youtube Channel cold spot Inkema channel.

If you have any queries , please contact us at the following address: export@inkema.com. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians in the sector would be responsible for finding the most appropriate solution for their needs. 


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