Self-repairable High-Speed Doors

Puerta Rapida Reparable

Our highlight today is our High-Speed Door with Self-repairable system. This door is a speed rolling door, but with the peculiarity that when something hits it hard or crashes into it, the canvas jumps out of its guides without breaking. The subjection elements won’t be damaged neither, and when we re-start the door, the canvas returns on its own to its guides to work in its usual way. This manages to reduce significantly the number of repairs on speed doors as the possible inconveniences that could result from such actions.

Inkema has a wide range of high speed doors that allows to satisfy different needs.

- Folding

- Rolling

- Self-repairable

- Cold storage

In our YouTube Channel you will see the demonstration of an Inkema Self-repairable High-Speed Door. You just have to click on the following link: demonstration video Inkema Self-repairable High-Speed Doors.

For more information download our INKEMA High-Speed Doors Catalogue.


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