Loading Bridges

Pasarela Inkema

Inkema bridges are essential in any loading and unloading process as they reduce significantly risks to workers, premises and goods.

Inkema offers a wide range of manual bridges in different finishes and dimensions. We can divide them into two types depending on its construction material:

- Iron bridges: Minidocks or loading bridges (PA1)Both the Minidocks and the PA1 can be galvanised to increase its efficiency in corrosive environments.

- Aluminium bridgesloading bridges PA51 and PA52, and portable bridges PA53  and PA54.

All loading bridges can be placed in the dock in a simple and fast way, either in a fix position or mobile. The mobile position just requires of a rail to move the bridge sideways by wheels.

The main benefits of Inkema’s loading bridges are:

- They are useful, economic and very easy to handle.

- Long life by excellent resistance to corrosion and environmental agents.

- They don’t need any kind of pit or civil work for their installation, as they are fixed directly to the concrete by the front.

In our YouTube channel you can watch the galvanised PA1 Loading Bridge demonstration. You can click on the following link: demonstration video Inkema galvanised bridge.

For further information you can download our Inkema’s Loading Bays Catalogue.


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