What is a logistics center and how does it work?

Qué Es Un Centro Logistico

What is a logistics center and how does it work?

A logistics center is a vital facility in the supply chain, designed to manage the reception, storage, and distribution of goods. These facilities ensure that products reach their destination quickly and efficiently, optimizing all logistical processes.

Main functions of a logistics center

Receiving and unloading goods

Receiving goods is one of the most important functions of a logistics or distribution center.

Receiving And Unloading Goods

Using loading docks equipped with loading ramps, walkways, or lift tables, logistics centers can handle large volumes of products, ensuring a quick and safe unloading process. This allows for efficient delivery management and optimizes workflow.

Efficient storage

Once received, goods are stored in an organized manner. Often, scicssor-lift tables are used to move heavy loads, ensuring that products are properly stored and space is optimized.

Efficient Storage

Efficient storage is crucial to maintaining product integrity and allowing quick access when needed.

Inventory management

Logistics centers use advanced inventory management systems to track the location and quantity of stored products. This allows for better planning and reduces errors, ensuring that products are always available when needed.

One way to streamline processes is by installing high-speed doors.

Fast Inventory Management

High-speed doors allow safe and smooth traffic of vehicles and people, thereby improving times and efficiency of all processes.

Order preparation and distribution

Order preparation is an essential function in logistics centers. Products are prepared and packed to arrive correctly at the customer's home or warehouse.

Order Preparation And Distribution

Often, it is vital to maintain a constant temperature within a logistics center to prevent product spoilage. At Inkema, we develop solutions for these circumstances, such as our cold point systems, which can be applied both externally and internally within facilities. The insulation of the facilities is optimal after installing a cold point, allowing trucks to dock tightly at the loading docks, without temperature loss or entry of insects and/or environmental particles.

Benefits of a well-managed logistics center

Operational efficiency

A well-managed logistics center centralizes logistics operations, allowing companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The implementation of advanced technologies and specialized equipment, such as those offered by Inkema to the sector, contribute to process optimization.

Safety and protection

Safety is a priority in logistics centers. Equipment like fire doors ensures fire protection, guaranteeing the safety of facilities and personnel. Additionally, the implementation of appropriate security measures protects stored goods, minimizing risks and losses.

Flexibility and scalability

Logistics centers offer flexibility and scalability to companies, allowing them to adjust operations according to demand. This adaptability is crucial in a dynamic business environment where needs can change rapidly.

Inkema solutions for logistics centers

Inkema offers a wide range of innovative solutions designed to improve the efficiency and safety of logistics centers. These solutions include:

  • Loading docks and loading ramps: For efficient receiving and unloading of goods.
  • Lift tables: Facilitate handling of heavy loads.
  • High-speed doors: Ideal for areas with high traffic of people and goods.
  • Loading walkways: To facilitate access and maneuvering of goods loading and unloading.
  • Cold point systems: Specific solutions for products requiring strict temperature control.
  • Fire doors: To ensure safety and fire protection.

Benefits of choosing Inkema

By choosing Inkema solutions, companies can expect innovation, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality, durable products.


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