How to Choose the Best Industrial Doors for Your Facilities

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The Importance of Industrial Doors

In the industrial sector, it's crucial to ensure that spaces are well insulated and protected from the outside to guarantee proper preservation of products. Industrial doors not only need to provide this protection but also facilitate efficient movement between different areas while complying with all relevant safety measures.

Types of Industrial Doors and How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right model and type of industrial door can optimize logistical processes and reduce costs.

The choice will depend on whether the door connects two interior spaces or is used for exterior access, as well as the working environment and the required level of security.

Sectional Doors

Puertas Seccionales Sectional Doors Inkema Portes Sectionelles

Sectional doors are popular in industrial buildings due to their robustness and compact structure, easily automated for various uses. Within this category, you can find:

High-Speed Doors

Pr65 Inke

Designed for quick opening and closing, these doors optimize workflow and save time. Inkema offers various models, including:

  • Roll-up high-speed doors

    • PR10 Rolling High-speed Door 
    • PR18 Rolling High-speed Door with Aluminium Frame for Storage Rooms
    • PR65 Rolling High-speed Door with Aluminium Frame
    • PR60 Rolling High-speed Door with Stainless Steel Frame
  • Self-repairing high-speed doors

    • PR13 Self-repairable High-speed Door
    • PR17 Self-repairable High-speed Door Interior Door
    • PR64 Self-repairable Insulated High-speed Door with Aluminium Frame
  • Fold-up high-speed doors

    • PR15 Fold-up High-speed Doors 
    • PR15 GD Large Fold-up High-speed Door
    • PR64 Windproof fold-up high-speed doors 
  • Cold Storage High-speed Doors.

    • PR32 Cold Storage High-speed Doors with Double Canvas
  • Rolling High-speed Doors with Low Permeability. 

    • PR20 High-speed Door for Cleanrooms
    • PR21 High-speed Door Cleanrooms and Laboratories

Industrial Roll-Up Doors

These doors offer effective anti-theft protection, ideal for entrances, corridors, and windows in demanding logistical environments. The available types include:

Other Industrial Doors

In addition to the mentioned types, other industrial doors are becoming increasingly popular, such as:

Regulatory Maintenance

Industrial doors, including sectional doors, must comply with European standards for automatic doors (CE Marking). According to UNE-13241, regular preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure their proper functioning and the safety of your company.

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