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High-speed Doors

Always open to satisfy your needs.

Inkema has a varied range of High-speed Doors which are designed as dividing elements for areas with continuous and heavy traffic, in all cases ensuring the correct insulation. 

Our high-speed doors have been designed for use in stores, logistics centres, premises and any kind of productive plant with a constant flow of goods, always ensuring great tightness.

All the Inkema High-speed Doors are made of the best materials swing to the large number of manoeuvres they make. They include diverse safety elements that comply with all the European standards (UNE-EN 12453 & UNE-EN 13241).

Remember that at Inkema we have a service and maintenance program for the whole range of fast doors with which we guarantee the smooth operation of our machines from the first day.

In addition, Inkema offers its customers a wide range of High-speed Doors

PDF  INKEMA High-speed Doors Catalogue


INKEMA Self-repairable High-Speed Door - PRAR

Folding High-speed Door - PRPG | Inkema

Folding High-speed Door - PRPG

Rolling High-speed Door - PRER | Inkema

Rolling High-speed Door - PRER

Self-repairable Rolling Door - PRAR | Inkema

Self-repairable Rolling Door - PRAR

Rolling Door in Aluminium Frame - PRAE | Inkema

Rolling Door in Aluminium Frame - PRAE

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