Cold Storage Rolling High-speed Door

With a clear goal: to control the temperature.

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Cold Storage Rolling High-speed Door

With a clear goal: to control the temperature.

Inkema Cold Storage Rolling High-speed Doors are conceived for indoor installations with chambers working from 0º to -30ºC with continuous traffic and minimising the time the chamber is open for goods transit, in order to avoid the loss of cold.

These Cold Storage High-speed Doors include two canvases on a single frame to guarantee the insulation and minimise the effects of condensation.

Puertas ràpidas frigoríficas

Main advantages of these doors:

  • Minimisation of cold loss in chambers when the refrigerator is opened. This double thermal canvas 1300 g thick withstands negative temperatures as low as -30ºC.
  • Cost saving by reducing the electrical consumption of the chambers. 
  • No frost on their basic parts or on the passing areas, easy maintenance.

The Inkema cold storage high-speed doors include a thermal resistance to avoid ice formation, self-lubrication, etc. The heated guides prevent frost on the canvas and the heated motor allows work at low temperatures. 

A hot air system can optionally be installed in the chamber separating the two canvases.

Puertas ràpidas frigoríficas

Remember that all our products strictly follow the current health and safety standards, without forgetting our firm commitment to the environment. And thanks to our R&D+i department we are open to making any door to measure.

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