ABFR Fixed Refrigerated Dock Seal

Inkema's ABFR Refrigerated Dock Seals are made from high recovery index foam covered with a PVC-coated polyester fabric canvas.
The canvas cover’s welded edges make Inkema refrigerated dock shelters more resistant to the friction caused by contact between the lorry and the shelter during docking.

Abrigo De Muelle Frigorifico Abfr

  1. PVC canvas covers.
  2. Galvanised tube perimeter structure
  3. Vertical reflective bands.
  4. Welded reinforcements/edges for increased durability.


Refrigerated seals are designed to always ensure the best insulation during vehicle loading and unloading manoeuvres, and to absorb possible impacts on the building.

Materiales cojines

The set consists of two side cushions filled with foam rubber, and a top cushion made of foam rubber, which forms the roof. The side cushion blocks are PVC covered and
screen-printed with stripes, providing visual support for manoeuvring lorries.
These cushions are covered with black PVC canvas, so they are very resistant to the friction caused by contact with lorry trailers. They fit perfectly to the lorry's trailer, and are also highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, making them even more durable.

Abrigos frigorificos | Inkema


All Refrigerated Dock Seals are equipped with vertical reflective bands that make it easier for drivers to manoeuvre, and avoid collisions that could damage the facility and the vehicle.


The Refrigerated Dock Seals - ABFR offer a variety of options that allow its customers to customise the shelter according to their needs and requirements.
For example, the possibility of adding wheel guides to the loading dock. Ask the Customer Service for more information.


Ask us for more information about ABFR Fixed Refrigerated Dock Seal.


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