What is a Self-repairable High-speed Door?

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Self-repairable high-speed door with fully customised canvas.

A self-repairable high-speed door is a high-speed door that helps to sectorise areas where there is traffic of people or vehicles. If it is hit, the self-repairing door will come out of its guide without damage, return to its position and can continue to be used normally.

Inkema offers two types of self-repairable high-speed doors:


What are the advantages of a self-repairable high-speed door?

Some aspects to highlight of the self-repairable high-speed doors are that they guarantee excellent watertightness (+ energy efficiency). In the event of accidental knocks, the self-repairable system returns the door to its initial position (no repair by a technician is required).
Self-repairable high-speed doors are resistant to weather conditions such as wind (perfect for outdoor use). They are equipped with a photocell curtain and a safety unrolling photocell (safe passage of vehicles and people).

Top performance always in style.

Inkema always keeps aesthetics in mind with its products, which is why it offers the possibility of manufacturing self-repairable door frames in 10 different colours. In addition, Inkema allows complete customisation of the canvas without losing any of its properties.

100% Personalizable

This type of industrial high-speed doors are especially suitable for passages with a large number of people where a careful aesthetic without industrial finishes is really necessary, for example: shopping centres, department stores, supermarkets, shops and commercial premises, etc...

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Manufacture of PR13 high-speed doors with fully customised canvas.


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