Choosing the Best Industrial Door for Your Business

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It must be remembered that in the industrial sector it is very important that the spaces are properly insulated and protected from the outside to provide proper conservation. In addition, these industrial doors must also facilitate good circulation between differentiated spaces while complying with all the safety measures of the facilities.

What types of industrial doors are available? Which one is the most appropriate for my company? 

In this article we review the main types of industrial doors, all the variety you can find to choose the best door for your company. 

The right choice of industrial door model and version is crucial as the correct product can optimise logistical processes and cut costs.

Types of industrial doors

 At INKEMA we offer a wide range of custom-made industrial doors developed according to the needs of each client.

Puertas Seccionales

Sectional Dock Doors

  • High Speed Doors: As the name suggests, these are doors that open and close very quickly. Undoubtedly, its greatest feature is the time saving, the workflow is more active and faster thanks to its system.

Puertas Rápidas

Portes rapides

 Within this category, Inkema has the following high-speed doors:

Puertas Enrollables Aluminio

Aluminium Roll-Up Door

 It is important to know that there are other industrial doors on the market that are becoming more and more popular:

Puerta Industrial Plegable Cancela Doble

Industrial Folding Gate

Do you know why industrial doors need regular maintenance?

Industrial doors, including sectional doors, must comply with current European automatic door regulations (CE marking). As stated in the UNE-13241 standard, preventive maintenance must be carried out with defined maintenance intervals for the correct functioning of the door and the consequent safety for your company.

If you need to install or maintain any type of sectional doors or industrial doors, contact INKEMA on +34 93 544 47 08 or via the contact form and we will help you.


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