Dock Seals

For Exhaustive Temperature Control.

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Dock Seals

For Exhaustive Temperature Control.

Inkema Dock Seals are formed by technical foam die with a high recoverability index, lined with a polyester canvas with PVC on both sides.

When a vehicle begins to approach the loading bay to unload, it leans on the dock shelter and compresses it. The result is the perfect adaptation of the dock shelter to the vehicle box, blocking all entry of air and external elements.

Thanks to the strong PVC covered polyester fabrics, Inkema Dock Seals are prepared to withstand the continuous rubbing caused by the manoeuvres connecting the dock shelter to the truck.

Dock Seals Cushion-CanvasesDock Seals Structure

Inkema Dock Seals are mainly formed of the following:

  • Structure: The rigid structure of Inkema Dock Seals is achieved thanks to a wooden part of the same size as the shelter elements.
  • Cushion-Canvases: A shelter made of 3 cushions filled with foam rubber in the form of die, and lined with PVC canvas on the outside. The side and top cushions are 300 mm wide x 300 mm thick.

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