RH1 Dock Levellers

The most accurate solution.

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RH1 Dock Levellers

The most accurate solution.

Simple, quick and functional. Without doubt, the Inkema RH1 dock leveller is the perfect solution for any loading bay. Its hydraulic tilting mechanism and folding lip enables the dock leveller to cover the gap and height between the loading bay and the truck, allowing it to rest firmly on the loading bay. 

The Inkema RH1 leveller has three parts: 

  • A platform with an upper deck of tear plate with thickness of 6/8 mm and a set of laminated profiles and protective side panels. 
  • A lip made of tear plate sheet with a thickness of 13/15 mm. The lip is folded and milled at the end, to fit onto the truck and to ease the passage of the forklifts. 
  • And the inferior structure formed by laminated profiles upon which the platform and hydraulic assembly are installed

Platform of RH1 Dock Levellerslip of RH1 Dock LevellersEngine of RH1 Dock LevellersInferior structure of RH1 Dock Levellers

Safety is an essential requirement for any professional. For this reason, all Inkema levellers have diverse safety systems: 

  • An emergency stop activated by a section switch or zero voltage. 
  • An anti-fall safety valve inside the hydraulic cylinder. 
  • Fixed and mobile side panels that serve as a foot guard. 
  • A platform with an upper surface anti-fall tear plate
  • Safety signals in form of stickers on moving parts. 
  • Safety bar to prevent the leveller from closing during maintenance work.

PDF  INKEMA Loading Bay Catalogue
PDF  INKEMA RH1 Leveller Catalogue


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