Truck Blockage Systems

CS12 - Automatic Retention System

Automatic vehicle immobiliser system for locking lorries’ wheels while in dock during loading and unloading.

CS12 | Inkema

The self-locking system prevents the driver from accidentally starting up the lorry. A large steel cylinder, 400 mm off the ground, blocks the lorry’s wheel. It cannot be crushed or dragged.
The locking or unlocking system is activated when the dock door is closed. Avoiding accidents caused by falls. If the vehicle is not braked when unlocked, the system detects vehicle movement and it remains locked.


CS22 - Manual Retention System

Manual system for locking lorries in loading docks, guaranteeing that the vehicle is immobilised until loading or unloading is completed.

CS22 | Inkema

Inkema's Manual Retention System is the only manual locking system that does not allow the driver to remove the locking cylinder during the loading/unloading operation. The electromagnet that controls it can only be unlocked when it detects that the door of the dock is closed.

It complies with ED 6059 recommendations (France), the recommendations of the INSHT in NTP 1076 and with the study carried out by the IRSST (Canada) to improve preventive measures and protection against accidents at work in loading docks. Its safety system makes this retainer the safest on the market.

CA01 - Polyurethane Chock

Vehicle retention system with direct reflection detector.

Polyurethane chock | Inkema

CA01 polyurethane chock with photocell detection system. Robust design allowing intensive use in loading and unloading centres. Fits to any wheel diameter, on any lorry. Water resistant including an anti-theft safety chain.


CA02 Wireless Chock

Wireless vehicle retention system with radio frequency system.

Calzo Wireless 1.jpeg

Wheel chock vehicle detection system with built-in detector, which improves safety in the truck loading and unloading maneuver.

Reliable, as it does not incorporate optical sensors subject to obstructions due to dirt, snow or humidity.

Wireless and resistant with an integrated radio frequency system. The robust design of the high quality polyurethane wedge allows intensive use in loading and unloading centers. It does not require wiring and is very easy to use.

Stainless and long-lasting, all the electronic components of the wedge have been encapsulated, completely eliminating atmospheric exposure and guaranteeing an IP67 degree of tightness.

Security anti-theft chain included in all designs.


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Operation of the CS22 Manual Retention System - INKEMA

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