Truck Blockage Systems

CS41 - Manual Vehicle Restraint System

Inkema CS41 Manual Vehicle Restraint System is a safety mechanism that immobilizes a vehicle to prevent sudden movement. Its usage requires minimal effort from a single person. Being an electromechanical system, it requires minimal maintenance.

Cs41   Sistema De Retención De Vehículos Cs41

We have designed the CS41 Manual Vehicle Restraint System to be compatible with the majority of lorries/trucks used worldwide.

CA01 - Polyurethane Chock

Vehicle retention system with direct reflection detector.

CA01 polyurethane chock with photocell detection system. Robust design allowing intensive use in loading and unloading centres. Fits to any wheel diameter, on any lorry. Water resistant including an anti-theft safety chain.

Polyurethane chock | Inkema

CA02 Wireless Chock

Wireless vehicle retention system with radio frequency system.

Calzo Wireless 1.jpeg

Wheel chock vehicle detection system with built-in detector, which improves safety in the truck loading and unloading maneuver.

Reliable, as it does not incorporate optical sensors subject to obstructions due to dirt, snow or humidity.

Wireless and resistant with an integrated radio frequency system. The robust design of the high quality polyurethane wedge allows intensive use in loading and unloading centers. It does not require wiring and is very easy to use.

Stainless and long-lasting, all the electronic components of the wedge have been encapsulated, completely eliminating atmospheric exposure and guaranteeing an IP67 degree of tightness.

Security anti-theft chain included in all designs.


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