Do you need to keep the temperature in your loading bay under control during the loading and unloading of goods?

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The process of loading and unloading goods at the loading bays is critical for sites requiring of high level of insulation. It is of vital importance to keep the cold chain during the transportation, loading and storage. It is also very important to be energy efficient to reduce the cost of maintaining a constant temperature in the facilities.

Inkema solution is the 'Cold Storage Systems' either with dock leveller or loading bridge. In this specific case, we are referring to the recent installation of more than 16 Cold Storage Systems with hydraulic loading bridge as an interior loading bay, for one of the largest distribution chains in Spain.

Vista Interior Punto Frío Con PasarelaInterior view of an Indoor Cold Storage System with Loading Bridge

This 'Cold Storage System' (PFIP model) consists of the following logistic equipment:


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The only difference between the two systems comes from the installation method: in external mode a free-standing frame and an isothermal dock house must be added, to act as an external loading bay.

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Instalaciones Logísticas Con Puntos FríoLogistics depot equipped with Cold Storage System (PFIP model) in Spain



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