What Are Sectional Doors?

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What Are Sectional Doors?

Sectional doors are an upward-lifting access solution, ideal for maximizing available space around door openings. They find extensive use across various applications, from industrial warehouses to storage facilities and garages.

Inkema sectional doors are a perfect fit for enclosing industrial facilities and warehouses, offering a winning combination of durability and ease of operation.

These doors are composed of multiple interconnected panels, commonly crafted from steel or aluminum, packed with high-density polyurethane foam that ensures optimal insulation for the building.

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Key Advantages of Inkema Sectional Doors:

  • Dimensional Flexibility: Sectional doors come in a range of sizes, from standard loading dock sectional doors to large-format hangar doors, making them adaptable to various applications.
  • Customization Options: We offer an array of customization options, from adding windows for more natural light to selecting panel colors and additional features, catering to every customer's unique requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency and Safety: Our sectional doors incorporate multiple safety features and are designed to ensure your facility's energy efficiency.
  • Integrated Pedestrian Doors: When necessary, our sectional doors can be equipped with integrated pedestrian doors, providing convenient and secure access.

Innovation and Customisation at Inkema:

Inkema, is taken sectional doors to the next level. Our solutions integrate cutting-edge technology and customization options to meet your specific needs.

Moreover, when you have unique requirements, our team of experts is at your service, ready to develop tailored solutions.

Top-Quality Sectional Doors:

All our sectional doors undergo a meticulous manufacturing and design process, fully compliant with the most stringent European standards. They come equipped with safety systems as per UNE-EN13241 standards, and we exclusively use high-quality materials selected to ensure peak performance for your facility.

Discover Our Range of Sectional Doors:

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