Free Standing Frames and Dock Houses

The Best Solutions for Use Outside the Warehouse.

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Free Standing Frames and Dock Houses

The Best Solutions for Use Outside the Warehouse.

Inkema’s Free-standing frames and Dock Houses are designed specifically for each customer, to speed up the installation of a loading bay, improve the internal insulation of the warehouse and increase the storage capacity of the building.

In addition, Inkema has designed a standard solution for free-standing frames, levellers and dock houses: the All in One solution. A solution that is customised for each client, for extending loading points without having to execute any addition building work. The All in One solution is comprised of a free-standing frame and an integrated dock leveller. It is installed optimally and rapidly thanks to its compact design that combines bench and dock leveller. All All-in-One solutions are compliant with EU regulations.

Inkema isothermal benches and tunnels improve working conditions and goods handling thanks to their high thermal and hygienic insulation.

Bancadas y Túneles

At Inkema, we have also designed new complete loading bay systems designed especially for cold installations: Inkema Cold Storage Systems.

PDF  INKEMA Loading Bay Catalogue
PDF  INKEMA Free Standing Frames and Dock Houses Catalogue

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