18-meter long Dock Leveller!

Rampa De Carga 18 Metros Inkema

In Inkema, there’s no customer need that doesn't have a solution. A good example of this has been the recent installation of a fully fixed dock leveller up to 18 meters long

One of our customers, a main distributor of food in our country, has installed in France this dock leveller with unique characteristics. 

This special dock leveller, can be made in different lengths and different loading capacities, upon customer’s needs. Once the leveler has been coupled at the truck height, it is anchored by a chain system that blocks and prevents the leveler and truck from separating, thus allowing the operations to be carried out smoothly.

In this particular case, Inkema has manufactured a dock leveller of up to 18 meters length that supports 10 tons. It is recommended for loading and unloading operations in industrial warehouses and premises with no loading bay facilities to allow the forklifts to reach the truck from ground level.

More in detail, the dock leveller floor has an anti-slip coating with tear plate at the front and end parts which permits all kinds of movements, including the turning of the forklift wheels without suffering any damage. The rest of the intermediate section, where the forklifts wheels cannot turn, is formed by a tramex-type metal trellis supported by a metal profile structure.

For further information about our special dock levellers, loading bays, high-speed doors, scissor-lift tables, industrial doors, sectional doors, fire doors, etc ... check our catalogue. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries at: export@inkema.com.


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