What is a Loading Bay? What types of Loading Bay are there?

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A loading bay is a designated area in warehouses and industrial buildings for loading and unloading goods. It is made up of several elements, one of which is the loading bridges which span the gap between the vehicle and the industrial building or logistics centre.

The loading bays are very important to achieve a correct movement of the products from the facilities to the destination. At Inkema we specialise in loading bays, which is why we have a wide range of solutions to find the one that best suits your needs.

These are the most common loading bays:

Saw Tooth Loading Bays

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At Inkema we have developed a solution for customers who need to expand their loading bays and who do not want to carry out additional works: Inkema Free Standing Frames and Dock Houses are custom-designed for each client to speed up the installation of a loading bay, improve the level of internal insulation of the warehouse and increase the storage capacity of the building. 

In our efforts to supply products that adapt to the needs of our customers, we have developed our Hydraulic All in One Dock Leveller with loading ramp: It consists of a fully integrated dock and ramp that facilitates the transport and installation process.

All you have to do is decide where you want to place it and which type of lip is suitable.

Ground to Dock Ramp

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Flush loading bays are ideal for lifting and transporting large and heavy objects and can be positioned wherever required.

Our RH65 12-metre ramp is the most versatile on the market. It is suitable for loading and unloading operations in warehouses and industrial buildings that do not have a loading dock or do not have the possibility of doing so, allowing forklifts to access the truck from ground level.

Open Loading Bays

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They are suitable for speed and efficiency.

Unlike other loading docks, they do not close off the back of the truck or the sides. They can be covered by a roof to protect operators and goods from inclement weather.

Inkema offers several gangway options, both manual and hydraulic. They are designed to be installed at the end of the loading dock, allowing goods to pass through to the truck. They do not require any type of pit for installation and are available in steel and aluminium (see photos of special ramps).

Enclosed Loading Bay

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They are one of the most common loading bays and are so because of their ease of access to the cargo.

If you need to keep the cold inside your facilities or want to ensure that the goods do not suffer structural, environmental or theft damage, this is a great option. These loading bays allow the lorry to park inside and control the temperature of the premises by insulating it from the outside.

Inkema offers two types of dock levellers for this type of dock:

Hinged Lip Dock Leveller: RH11B, RH12B, RH13B, RH14.
Retractable Lip Dock Levellers: RH21/31, RH22/32, RH23/33

On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of working space, this option is not ideal. If this is your case, please contact us and we will find a solution.

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