Isothermal Dock Houses for the Logistics-frigorific Sector in Portugal

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One of the European leading companies specialists in transport and logistics for temperature-controlled food products, chose INKEMA a few months ago to build its last logistics platform in southern Portugal.

This week, INKEMA finished the installation of several loading points in the logistic center of Lisboa, Portugal. Specifically, our company has installed 9 isothermal dock houses & free standing frames with 9 dock levellers with 400mm hinged lip (RH11). The dock houses are covered with 40mm thick isothermal high-tightness panels and the roof is formed by a special anti-drip ribbed panel with a slope that prevents the accumulation of water, allowing the rainwater to be drained into the drip tray at the front.

Besides the installation of the dock houses with the levellers, 46 sectional doors, 34 refrigerated dock seals, 2 high-speed doors and other loading bays products have been added, such as scissor lift table or truck guides.

Isothermal Dock Houses INKEMA

Sectional Doors INKEMA

Refrigerated Dock Seals INKEMA

Cold storage dock levellers project

With this new logistic project, INKEMA continues to consolidate itself as a national leader in the manufacture of dock levellers and as one of the main exporters of loading bays in this country. Thanks to our work with great effort for more than 35 years, we want to remain as a benchmark in our sector, in service, design, innovation and technology.

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For more information about our dock levellers, or other INKEMA products for loading bays such as: High-speed doorsindustrial doorsfire doorssectional doorsdock shelters or scissor lift tables, you can visit our website, where you can find all the details and characteristics or visit our Fan Page in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/inkema

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have any question at: export@inkema.com. Our technics will help you to find the best solution for each need.


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