Dock Levellers for a German Multinational in Barcelona

Muelles De Carga Inkema Itw

INKEMA completes the installation of several hinged lip dock levellers in the newest facility that the company ITW Metalfasteners, a global supplier of metallic components, has in Spain.

It’s about the placement, in the loading docks that the German multinational has in the town of Sant Quirze del Vallés (very close to Barcelona) of several RH1 lip levellers with two lifting cylinders. In addition to the levellers, Inkema has installed the corresponding retractable dock shelters, industrial sectional doors, and sets of rubber bumpers. The installed loading bays support up to 6 tons and have a hinged lip of 400mm.

A Scissor Lift Table Acting as a Loading Bays

In addition to all that products for the loading area, the customer asked to install a fully galvanized scissor lift table with mobile rails that would act as a dock for loading and unloading the trucks and vans.
In a short period of time, these facilities will begin to operate with full regularity.

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