First INKEMA Dock Levellers installed in Amazon

Rampas De Carga Amazon Inkema

There is already a date for Amazon to start distributing packages from the brand new logistics centre of El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). The company has announced that next October 4 the distribution activities will begin in the new space that the company is building in the aforementioned Catalan town.

As we announced months ago, Inkema is taking a very active part in the construction of this great project whose works began in July last year. The new infrastructure of the e-commerce giant, which involves an investment of 200 million euros, will have an area of more than 63,000 square metres that will make it the largest logistics centre in southern Europe.

A few weeks ago, the first dock levellers began to be installed in the facilities, coinciding with the visit of the Catalan’s Government President, Mr. Carles Puigdemont and the General Director of Amazon Operations in Spain, Mr. Fred Pattje. Amazon's future logistics centre will soon feature several of our best-selling Inkema products. Inkema will be Amazon's supplier of over 55 dock levellers, 63 sectional industrial doors and 63 retractable dock shelters. Specifically, 54no. hinged lip dock levellers (RH1), 2no. 500 mm retractable lip dock levellers (RH2) and 2no 1,000mm retractable lip dock levellers (RH3) will be installed. Without a doubt Inkema always offers the right solution for any loading bay, so combinations can be made by choosing the most suitable loading leveller.

For more information about our loading levellers please click here, or if you prefer, you can consult our wide range of loading equipment such as: scissor lift tables, dock shelters, dock levellers, industrial doors, sectional doors, fire doors and high-speed doors.


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