Hydraulic Loading Bridge

It can withstand up to 6 tons of cargo.

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Hydraulic Loading Bridge

It can withstand up to 6 tons of cargo.

Inkema’s Hydraulic Loading Bridge is designed to calculate a nominal maximum load of 6 tons.

Its structure is made of teared upper plate (thickness 6/8mm) with side brackets and cold rolled U-profiles. The base of the loading bridge is composed of a set of hinges and lifting cylinder supports.

The dimensions of the hydraulic loading bridge are as follows: length 1825 mm, width 2200 mm.

Hydraulic loading bridge with fall-stop valvesHydraulic loading bridge in cold storage

It has the following safety systems:

  • Non-slip surface.
  • Maintenance bar.
  • Fall-stop valves.
  • Side railings.

The PAHI hydraulic loading bridge is a very good solution to use in the Cold Storage System when you cannot or do not want to install a dock leveller in a loading bay. For more information, you can consult the Frames and Dock Houses product category of our website.


INKEMA - Hydraulic Loading Bridge PAHI

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